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About Us

Tony the founder of Berkeley Cole with Ava the lovely Chocolate Labrador

It was back in 2014 when International furniture designer TONY WILSON started asking himself, “Why shouldn’t my dog have the same comfort as me? I don’t want to sleep on a flimsy, floppy, saggy old bed. Yet nor do I want dog hair all over the sofas and chairs.”

Tony set about designing the perfect dog bed. He made various beds – all by hand - testing them out on his own dogs and the dogs of friends. He spent months cutting, sewing and upholstering many types of beds before hitting on the perfect combination of doggy-comfort, practicality and stylish good looks.

The first test of the final design was the 2015 Badminton Horse Trials. The stand was swamped and every dog bed eagerly jumped on by dogs of various shapes and sizes. Berkeley Cole luxury dog beds were accredited as one of the best new stands at the show.

Berkeley Cole spent the summer impressing dogs and their owners at several country shows. Sadly, a few months after the Badminton Horse Trials Tony’s mother became ill and the business had to take a back seat.

18 months later, Tony set about commercialising Berkley Cole by making a significant investment in South Wales manufacture and storage. This investment, and the move from artisan-maker to a company, immediately made Berkeley Cole more competitive and productive: halving the time and costs and tripling the volume.

The current range of beds is a huge hit with dog lovers across the UK and from as far away as John O’Groats, Scotland: taking a dog roughly three minutes to fall in love with their new bed. Look out for new Berkeley Cole luxury dog beds in 2018.

All designed to bring you beauty, quality, warmth and comfort that you and your dogs will appreciate for years and years.