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Frequently Asked Questions about Berkeley Cole Luxury Dog Beds

 Why did I create Berkeley Cole?

Hello, my name is Tony Wilson I am the creator and founder at Berkeley Cole and I've been asked to put this video together to answer a few questions... so the first question.  Why did I set-up Berkeley Cole? I set-up Berkeley Cole because I felt there was a need to improve the pet beds that were around in the market.   My background is in furniture, upholstery in particular and I think people love their pets they want them to be part of the family but the selection of dog beds that are available in the market is not very good and certainly not as nice as I would like them, and you know for me, I wanted to pet bed that would match my interior design, something that was wonderful piece of furniture, rather than just a cushion that's thrown in the corner so I set about creating the perfect dog bed, or as perfect as a saw it and I think I've got pretty close to achieving that.

What's so special about Berkeley Cole dog beds?  

Most of the dog beds that we sell are the raised dog beds and these have some lovely features. They are raised off the floor so your dog feels more part of the family.  They are warm in the winter, cool in the summer. The snoozer dog beds that we sell have a special suspension system that reacts to how the dog lies so if the dog crawls up in the middle of the bed, it drops the centre the bed... creating a bowl effect, or, if they want to Flump out then they can do that.  They are great for older dogs, so if your dog's a bit unstable getting up off the floor then the raised dog beds are very good at helping older dogs out. All our dog beds are machine washable so you can take the cushion covers off and put them in the washing machine on a regular basis.

The Berkeley Cole beds, with their suspension system, have a non-wobble design so when the dog gets on the bed, it only goes up and down... it doesn't wobble around like some of the trampoline type beds.

Why should I buy a Berkeley Cole Luxury Dog Bed?

Why should you buy one?  I think if you love your home and you love your dog then why not have a special bed for your dog.. something that lasts a lifetime rather than something that you would throw away in a few months.   The materials and fabrics that we use are fabulous materials that are tough, robust, machine washable and the piece of furniture is truly practical. You know your dog's going to love it and I know you will too.

Can I personalise my Berkeley Cole luxury Pet Bed?

Can you personalise your dog bed?  Good question; the answer is yes. Most of the designs have the capability of personalising it so if you want to put the name of your dog on the bed, you can certainly do that, there's no reason why you can't. All you need to do is get in contact with us and we will let you know whether or not what can and can't be done obviously there's a little added costs but it gives a point of difference and makes the bed completely unique to you.

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Are the Berkeley Cole dog beds easy to clean?

How easy is it to clean your Berkley Cole bed?  It's actually very easy... well I think it's easy but then I would say that.  All the beds are designed to be machine washable they are designed so that the cushions can be removed, the interiors can be taken out and the cases can go into the washing machine.   

Normally the process of washing is to vacuum on a regular basis so before you put it in the washing machine you vacuum it to get all the fur off, and because of the design, it's relatively easy to do that and then you just put the cases in the washing machine.  We have a video that explains how to take the cushion apart and put it back together again so that you can see for yourself how easy or difficult it is. From my experience, once you've done it once or twice it becomes relatively straightforward and they always look great after they've been washed.