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Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of a raised dog bed?

September 12, 2018

Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of a raised dog bed?

Leonberger sleeping on a Branoch raised dog bed from Berkeley Cole

Just take a look at your own bed and I bet that is raised, and for good reason.

There are quite a few health benefits to having a dog bed off the floor. One of the main reasons for raising a dog bed is to regulate heat. Dogs can only really regulate heat through their tongue and mouth so reducing the amount of energy used to cool the dog down is always a good idea. It reduces the level of stress the dog feels.

Just like you, your dog doesn’t like sleeping on a cold, damp floor when the weather is cold. Air can circulate under and around the dog bed keeping the dog cool in the summer yet warm in the winter by keeping it out of draughts while reducing the likelihood of mould, mildew and bad odour. It also keeps them away from creepy crawlies. 

Raised dog beds are also more comfortable and easier to get & out of, especially for older dogs or for those dogs that suffer from arthritis.

Raised dog bed styles are preferred by many dogs. They love being off the floor as it elevates their position to a similar height to you on your sofa, which makes them feel more part of the family. This is proven by the amount of pet hair found on your sofa and bed. Raised beds provide the same comfort benefits, yet they keep pets off the furniture. A bed introduced at an early age, reinforced with consistent training, will keep your pet off your furniture for life.

Raised dog beds are sturdy and the Berkeley Cole raised dog beds are designed to carry very heavy loads… much heavier than the weight of any normal dog.

Just like your bed at home, the Berkeley Cole raised dog beds has a springing system that is uniquely designed to help the dog get maxim comfort however the dog chooses to lie, yet makes it secure to jump in and out of with its no-wobble frame design.

Berkeley Cole’s patent pending raised dog bed design is specially designed to provide orthopaedic benefits by combining its motion lounger technology that enables the bed to react to the dogs sleeping position with its foam and fibre mattress. This helps improve joint health and cushion your dog’s entire body, providing supreme comfort to pets of all ages. The foam and fibre mattress construction reduces stress on pressure points like elbows and hips and returns to its original shape immediately after use.

And with an elevated dog bed from Berkeley Cole, you don’t have to sacrifice style to keep your dog in comfort! Carefully designed and built by craftsmen our high-quality dog beds will complement your home’s décor.

With many design styles to choose from, you and your best friend will be able to find just the right bed. 

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French Bulldog Sleeping on a small Branoch dog bed from Berkeley Cole

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