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Kids And Dogs Are Great For Each Other

November 16, 2018

Kids And Dogs Are Great For Each Other

Children and dogs can be best of friends with the right support and a little bit of common-sense training. Children can learn valuable lessons about how to care for other living things, to be responsible, kind and patient.

Dogs, on the other hand, get an enthusiastic playmate who can love them to pieces while keeping them entertained for hours on end.

Some of our earliest and most important relationships are with the beloved family dog.

Dog owners do have to be careful, however, as young dogs may only be able to take so much from a demanding, impatient child. Dogs can find kids annoying too, at times... so it’s important to teach respect such as personal space, the right kind of petting and leaving the dog to eat in peace are important lessons to get across.

With the right support, kids and dogs can go on to have life-long relationships and become truly the best of friends!  

We would love to see your pictures and any stories you would like to share with us about your first best friend and doggy playmate.

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