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Are Cheap Dog Beds Value For Money?

December 07, 2018

Are Cheap Dog Beds Value For Money?

Is a cheap dog bed value for money?

Understanding the lifetime costs of your dog beds can help save you money in the long run.

With correct care and maintenance all of our Berkeley Cole Raised Orthopaedic Dog Beds should comfortably last or exceed the life of an average dog - 10 years or so.

Pet trade industry market research suggests that dog owners replace their dog’s bed up to 10 times during their dog’s lifetime. Assuming an average dog bed costs around £50 for a typical cushion type dog bed: you could easily spend £500 on an assortment of inferior beds for your dog.

The cost of a Berkeley Cole Raised Orthopaedic Dog Bed is around £249, delivered. This is half the cost of the cheaper beds over the lifetime of your dog and your dog gets the benefit of having the comfort of probably one of the comfiest orthopaedic dog beds in the world.

All Berkeley Cole dog beds have fully machine washable cushion covers for practical, easy clean maintenance.

Graph of the time a dog sleeps or snoozes

The time dogs spend asleep and snoozing

Did you know - dogs spend a huge part of their day, asleep, napping, or just resting. Why deny them the life-long comfort and relaxation of a Berkeley Cole luxury orthopaedic dog bed or luxury dog bed mattress? Made from warm but durable fabrics with softly supportive cushioning and a sprung base, your dog’s bed will be as snugly and comfortable as your own.

The Berkeley Cole orthopaedic luxury dog bed range brings together the stylish design of today’s premier homes with the growing pet market, offering you a top quality pet bed that truly enhances your interior design. If you love your dog, then this is probably the best dog bed in the world. If you love your home, then this complements your decor and saves your sofa from stray pet hairs.

Comfy dog on a Durrant luxury dog bed

Why not take a look at the Durrant Quick Delivery range and find out more.

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